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* New members must be level 15 or higher
* New members must be endorsed by an active member
* Alternate characters must be level 10 to be guilded
* Spouses of guild members may be guilded at level 10
* A guild member who retires his/her main character may remain in the guild with an alternate character as long as the level 10 requirement is met.


The following are examples of conduct which are deemed unacceptable:

* requests for "Power-Leveling"
* begging for cash/items
* profanity
* (Public) antagonism of other guilds

Such requests/comments reflect negatively on our guild and should not be made to the general public, in guildchat, or in unsolicited/unwanted private tells.

Two warnings will be issued for offenses against a particular rule; additional offenses will result in the player's removal from the guild.

VC members who feel that they have been subjected to such behavior against their wishes are advised to document the behavior using a screen shot, and to contact an officer for further instructions.


External -- 
Do not loot bodies of fallen monsters unless (a) you were ORIGINALLY awarded credit for the kill by the game (that is, were allowed to loot the body immediately), or (b) the kill has been CLEARLY abandoned.

Internal --
Know and abide by your group's loot arrangement (if you do not agree with it,
LEAVE). This includes looting while fighting, loot order, and especially the
handling of "named"/rare drops.

Offenses will be handled based on the circumstances and severity of the offense(s). Severe cases may result in immediate expulsion.


* All officers are required to attend any scheduled meetings with the exception of time zone scheduling or real life circumstances which prevent an officer from attending.

* At no time during a scheduled meeting is it permissable for an officer to be "playing" in the game.

* Prior to reinstating a player who has previously left the guild (whether with the same character or an alternate), officers MUST get the approval of the guild leader.

One warning will be issued for an offense against this rule; additional offenses will result in the player's removal as officer.

Guild Charter

      The Eve of Prophecy holds Honor as its highest priority. We will strive to promote our code of honor and chivalry throughout the lands of Norrath by word and deed.

      While many aspire to the conquest of great beasts or the acquisition of vast wealth, the Eve of Prophecy guild is devoted above ALL else to developing and encouraging good play and honorable conduct in its members.

      Eve of Prophecy guild members  seek always to lead by example, and to demonstrate fairness and generosity at all times.  Selfish and dishonorable conduct such as intentional training, kill stealing, harassment, ninja looting, or deceitful trading will not be tolerated.

      When Eve of Prophecy guild members encounter rude and intimidating behavior, they should try to correct the situation if possible, but never by responding in kind; dignity and honor are to be maintained at all times

      The Eve of Prophecy guild strives to help others, and to vanquish evil and darkness with the light of honor, loyalty, and valor.